Royal Astronomy Club

Hello! We're the Royal Astronomy Club at the University of Scranton. Thanks for visiting our website where you can learn more about us and our events. We hold public events once a month open to anyone that would like to come. Children are also welcome at most events.

Please be aware that the Scranton skies are not always optimal. We may cancel an event as late as noon the day of the event if the cloud cover is too heavy or with even less notice in the case of rapidly developing severe weather.

Please email us to join a mailing list or check out our live Twitter feed on the right for the most up to date information! You can also follow us on Twitter: @royalastronomy.

Current Flyer

This Spring we are mixing it up a bit and announcing many events on the fly to maximize our chances of having good weather on viewing night!

Upcoming Events:

First Meeting and Public Viewing

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


ISS Live stream