2018-2019 Officers

President: Sara Wierbowski (Senior)

Desired Profession Degree: M.D.

Major(s): Neuroscience and Philosophy

Minor(s): Biochemistry

Honors: Honors Program, SJLA


Extracurricular Activities: HPO, Scranton Neuroscience Society, Editor on Esprit, Church Cantor, Leahy Clinic Student Scribe Manager, Research with Dr. Orr, MAC Haiti Medical Mission Trip 2018



Co-VP of Presentations: Katelyn Langford (Senior)

Desired Profession Degree:  MD/DO

Major(s): Biology and Philosophy

Minor(s): Biochemistry 

Honors: SJLA


Extracurricular Activities: Captain of the Equestrian Team, Leahy Clinic Student Scribe Manager, Tour Guide, CTLE Tutor, Senator and Chairwoman on Student Government 



Co-VP of Presentations: Ian Ellwood (Senior)

Desired Professional Degree: M.D.


Minor(s): Biochemistry


Extracurricular Activities2018 MAC Medical Mission Trip to Haiti, Scranton Neuroscience Society, CTLE biology, chemistry, and theology tutor, Rec Sports Official



Vice President of Service: Kimberly Barr (Senior)

Desired Profession Degree: MD/DO

Major(s): Biology, Philosophy 

Minor(s): Biochemistry 

Honors: Honors Program, SJLA


Extracurricular Activities: University Concert Band, HPO, Research with Dr. Gomez, Volunteer Scribe at the Leahy Clinic, Tutor, Leahy Student Executive Committee President, Chief of Staff of Student Government, President of Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy Honor Society, Cellular Biology Teaching Assistant



Treasurer: Syed "Yusuf" Qadri (Senior)

Desired Profession Degree:  M.D./D.O.

Major(s): Biology

Minor(s): Psychology

Honors: Dean's List, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society


Extracurricular Activities: Leahy Clinic Scribe Manager, CTLE Tutor, Campus Tour Guide, Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteer, Campus Ministries Retreat Leader, Standup Comedy



Secretary: Nick D’Alonzo (Senior)

Desired Professional Degree: M.D./D.O

Major(s)Neuroscience, Philosophy


Honors: SJLA


Extracurricular ActivitiesCTLE tutor, CHEW Peer Health Educator, Scribe at the Leahy Clinic



Webmaster: Sergey Gnilopyat (Senior)

Desired Professional Degree: M.D

Major(s): B.C.M.B, Biomathematics

Minor(s): Computer Science


Extracurricular ActivitiesSustainability Club, College Democrats, Fencing Club, EMT, work study at Tech Support



Graduate Student Liaison:  Michael Predi (Graduate Student)

Desired Profession Degree:  M.D./D.O.

Major(s): Undergraduate B.C.M.B., Graduate Biochemistry

Honors: Honors Program


Extracurricular Activities: Honors Research with Fr. Cadigan, St. Paul’s and Claire’s Food Pantry, Master Thesis Research with Dr. Marx, Alpha Sigma Nu President, Ronald McDonald House Volunteer, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Resident Assistant, CTLE Tutor.



Junior LiasonKatherine Musto

Desired Professional Degree: M.D./D.O.

Major(s): Biology


Extracurricular Activities: Presidential Scholar, Resident Assistant, research with Dr. Waldeck, Leahy Clinic Volunteer, Colleges Against Cancer club member, Leadership and Civic Responsibility TA, Microbiology TA




Research Chairperson: Stefan Olsen (Senior)

Desired Professional Degree: MD

Major: Biochemistry

Honors: Honors Program


Extracurricular Activities: Research in Dr. Foley's Lab, Volunteer at St. Clare's Food Pantry, Editor for Esprit, CTLE tutor in Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus



Pre-Dental Chairperson: Bridgette Mann

Desired Profession Degree:  D.M.D/D.D.S

Major(s): Biology


Extracurricular Activities: HPO member, Microbiology TA, Biology Club, “Ready, Set, Brush!” Treasurer, Women’s Basketball Team Member, Random Acts of Kindness, Emerging Leaders Member, General Dentistry Summer Employee, Volunteer for Labor’s Disease and Retinal Research



Pre-veterinary ChairpersonSela Fine 

Desired Profession Degree: VMD/ DVM

Major(s): Philosophy and Biology 

Minor(s): Music History and Biochemistry 


Extracurricular Activities: Equestrian Team, Student Government, Comparative TA, University Tutor, Research with Dr. Smith, President of Pre-Vet Club, Performance Music, Volunteer Scribe at the Leahy Clinic, and Pre-Vet Chair of HPO.



Pre-Optometry Chair: Robert Dougherty

Desired Professional Degree: OD

Majors: Biochemistry, Philosophy

Honors: SJLA


Extracurricular Activities: Liva Arts Company, HPO, Research with Dr. Sizemore, CTLE Tutor, Phi Lambda Upsilon Alumni Secretary, Volunteer at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish



Mentoring Chairperson: Kara Romanowski (Senior)

Desired Profession Degree: M.D./D.O.

Major(s): BCMB

Minor(s): History 

Honors: Honors Program 


Extracurricular Activities: Leahy Food Pantry Volunteer, Cell Biology Teaching Assistant, Resident Assistant, Italian Society Vice President, research with Dr. Gomez, CTLE chemistry tutor



Director of Diversity Initiatives: Jade Neverson (Senior)

Desired Professional Degree: M.D./D.O.

Major(s): Neuroscience

Minor(s): Biochemistry


Extracurricular Activities:  Scranton Neuroscience Society member, Big Friends Little Friends Volunteer, research with Dr. Marshall, research at Brown University and at Michigan State University, Resident Assistant, Liva Arts Company, work study at CHEW