Pre-Dentistal Resources

The 2014 ADEA Predental Student Virtual Fair is on April 29-30, 2014- This free, two-day event will allow students and advisors to chat live with admissions officers, watch presentations about financing their education and ADEA AADSAS, download helpful brochures and network with peers. 

Why dentistry?

Qualifying/Applying to dental school

DAT Information

  • Information about DAT
  • A good guide for the DAT- read before registering to take the test
  • The infamous website has a forum specifically for the DAT. Make yourself familiar with this site…it has helped me tremendously but realize that you can't take everything said on the forums as absolute truth. Take everything with a grain of salt.
  • Kaplan Test Prep
  • Crack DAT: I just got the King edition and it was sufficient. You get a download that lasts one year, so don't download it until you know you'll be taking the test within 365 days
  • DAT destroyer
  • Free Online Test via the American Dental Association. This test is old but you will still see some similar questions on your tests. Know this test inside and out. 

Tips from the pre-dental advisor from last year

  • I mainly used the Kaplan blue book to study, but I supplemented that with Barons DAT. And for your PAT section, I would HIGHLY suggest getting Crack DAT. It’s a computer program (a bit pricey, but worth it) with tons of practice problems and full sized tests. It’s the best way to get the feel of the section on a computer, exactly like you'll be taking it when the time comes. Another program that I've heard a lot of people had great experience with is the DAT destroyer, especially for organic chemistry. It’s all up to how much you think you need, and what sections you feel you need the most work on. 
  • The main thing that I feel is important is to get your hands on as many practice tests as possible, know the questions on them, and know how to answer the questions in any way possible…you'll see a lot of similar questions on your actual tests that might be tweaked a bit to make them a bit different but are essentially the same. So, know the concept behind each question you find. Definitely sign up for a Kaplan online account for free, because they will send you information about free practice tests online as well as some free online workshops that are helpful.

Once in dental school

  • The Curriculum- biochemistry, histology, physiology, human anatomy, microbiology, etc.

Advice and Information

Bridgette Mann - Pre-Dentistry Chair