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Matthew Slezak - Secretary - IEEE 2017-2018 
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Jesse T Kemmerling  
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I am a hardworking student who puts all of my effort into school, clubs, and family/friends. I have played Ultimate Frisbee for over four years and i enjoy listening to music, browsing the internet, watching movies, playing video games, playing ping pong, and just tossing a Frisbee around with friends in my spare time. I am currently a Computer Engineering major and i plan sticking with it 100% through all of my four years here at Scranton. I also plan on minoring in Computer Science in the future because i will not be many credits away from it. I became interested in Computer Engineering when i built my first desktop computer back in sophomore year of high school, but i have always been interested in technology and how a computer works. Here at Scranton, i have joined and plan on committing to the IEEE and Ultimate Frisbee Club, but i have also joined the Gaming Club, Astronomy Club, and Physics Club and will be going to meetings for those when i can.

Eileen McNulty  
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Shawn M Foy - Treasurer - IEEE 2017-2018 
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My name is Shawn Foy. I am a Freshman Electtrical Engineering major. I am involved with IEEE, the Mountain Sports Club, The Men's Volleyball Club, and The Italian Society. I am an avid Skier and Snowboarder and enjoy many outdoor activities.

Daniel L D'Agostini  
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