​U of S IEEE Club


The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) club is a program that provides students with the opportunity not only to participate in a campus wide event in the form of an IEEE seminar series (presentations by distinguished scientists, community business leaders, as well as our alumni and various employers/prospective job companies), but also as a time and place to pursue the club agenda, professional development and networking. 

The mission of The University of Scranton’s IEEE Society is to prepare our students for professional excellence, responsible citizenship, and service to society through education.  This education is supplemented by weekly guest speakers, many of whom are regarded as experts in their fields.  These weekly events provide an excellent opportunity for students to engage in open discussion with the guests on topics ranging from day-to-day experiences to favorite after-work hobbies.    

This type of interaction opens up a wide range of employment opportunities, including challenging and rewarding careers in such diverse fields as biomedical instrumentation, health physics, semiconductor fabrication, pharmaceutical manufacturing, secondary education-physics/mathematics, medicine, patent law, defense, and national space programs.