Benvenuti alla Italian Society!!

We strive to promote Italian culture and language throughout the University of Scranton. We teach commonly used phrases in Italian as well as some information about Italian culture at each one of our meetings. We include typical Italian food at our meetings as well such as pizza and nutella. 

The Italian Society also plans several events for University students throughout the year such as the San Gennaro Festival in New York City in September, La Festa Fuori on campus in the spring, and we also participate in other community service projects on campus. We also hold Movie Nights on campus where students come and watch Italian movies such as The Godfather. Finally, we encourage all our club members to work together to come up with new ideas to improve our club and appeal to more students on campus.

And you DO NOT need to be Italian to join! A love for Italy is all we ask for!

Tutti amano gli Italiani!