Thank you for considering applying for a position on the University of Scranton Programming Board. We hope this information helps you learn more about what involvement with USPB would be like. Please stop by our office in TDC205Q or email us at with any questions!

Mission Statement

The University of Scranton Programming Board (USPB) is a student run organization with the purpose of sponsoring social, cultural, educational, and recreational events at The University of Scranton. We strive to make all of our programs accessible and enjoyable for the campus community. The students involved in USPB will gain valuable leadership experience and learn more about programming and the implementation of both small and large scale events. Each year we plan over 60 events as “Men & Women for Others” that are open to our full campus community.

Board Structure

Committee Head Position Description:

Committee Heads are responsible for the events held on campus.They do the necessary work in order to obtain the venue, catering, etc for an event. These individuals apply for the position in the spring and are chosen for the following academic year.

Committee Heads' Duties:

  • Responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their events.
  • Must be present for biweekly board meetings.
  • Responsible for filling out all paperwork as set forth by the Executive Board.
  • Must be present at all of their committee's events. Excuses must be cleared with the executive board at least 1 week prior to the event.
  • Responsible to hold two office hours per week, one in beginning of the week and one toward the end of week. Preferably both hours with co-committee head, but at least one hour must be with co-committee head. Additional hours may be needed while planning for a committee's event.
  • Responsible to be in good contact with their respective Vice Chair, Co-Chair, and Executive chair.
  • Act as representatives for the organization when needed; e.g., exhibit halls, open houses, preview day.
  • Will be evaluated throughout the year or semester; such information will be provided to the Vice Chair/Chair of USPB and via one-on-one meetings.

Committee Descriptions

  • Coffeehouse
    • The Coffeehouse Committee is responsible for the musical artists that perform on campus. Coffeehouse has also held Open Mic nights. Coffeehouse also runs Battle of the Bands in the Spring. Past artists to perform on campus include: Lee Dewyze, The Filharmonic, and Noah Guthrie.
  • Comedy
    • The Comedy Committee is responsible for picking the comedians that perform on campus. Past comedians include: Jessi Campbell, Taylor Tomlinson, Paige Weldon, and Adam Grabowski.
  • Movies
    • The Movies Committee is responsible for choosing and showing the movies that are shown throughout the semester. We also run movie trips for premieres twice a year.
  • Publicity
    • The Publicity Committee is responsible for publicizing all USPB events on campus. This committee also do giveaways and other promotional items. They aid to promote brand the organization and get the USPB name out there.
  • Novelty & Variety
    • Novelty & Variety is responsible for both large and small scale on and off campus activities that bring students together. Events on this committee include hypnotists, trips to theme parks like Dorney Park or Hershey Park, and SkyZone.
  • Mission & Identity
    • Mission & Identity focuses on a service/organization throughout the year to raise awareness. They also provide other activities on campus, such as Pay It Forward week, Silent Simulation, and spoken word poets.
  • Campus Traditions
    • Campus Traditions provides the annual events that University of Scranton students look forward to each year. Events on this committee may include Family Weekend, NYC and Broadway trips, and Christmas on the Commons, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the time commitment?

There is a required two hours commitment per week for office hours. At least one of those hours, MUST be with your Co-Committee head and your Vice. There are also bi-weekly board meetings that you MUST attend. In addition to the two hour offices per week, you will need to put in more time as you get closer to events. Also, you MUST attend every event that your committee puts on.

2. Am I going to have time to be involved in other organizations? 

Yes, many of the members on the board are involved in multiple activities on campus. Time management is a crucial skill necessary for USPB.

3. How many people are on the board? 

Typically, there are two people on every committee. However, we have had committees like Publicity, that have had up to four students. This year's board had a total of 21 people, including the three executive board members. 

4. Do I get to choose the committee I'm on? 

You are asked for your preference, but you are not guaranteed that position. If you are offered a position on the board, it will be on a committee that the Exec Board predicts would be best suited for both you and the board. From there, you have the choice to accept or decline that position.

5. What skills do you look for in a Committee Head?

  • Interpersonal
  • Time management 
  • Communication
  • Organizational 
  • Creativity

6. What skills will I learn?

  • Event Planning
  • Communication 
  • Photoshop 
  • Organizational 
  • Confidence 

7. What are the perks of getting involved? 

  • New friendships 
  • Enhancing skills 
  • Free Swag and other promotional items 
  • Meeting performers 

8. What dates do I need to be available for? 

  • SpringFest 2019 - Saturday, May 4
  • Summer Training - August 21-23, 2019 
  • Open Houses and Preview Day
  • Board Meetings- Determined based on schedules 
  • Events (vary by committees)

For more information, email!